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If anyone has any information on the proper positioning of wickets or the 10 different ways to make outs -- or how many outs constitute an inning -- in cricket, this information will be of the greatest use to me. Don't send money. Don't send fruit leather or even Fruit by the Foot (they only have fruit by the centimeters here). Send information. On cricket, please.

Unless I show up at my interview in the following fashions: (1) Pantless; (2) Crying; (3) Eating a sandwich that spews mayonnaise; (4) Humorless; (5) Considerably drunk, it looks like I'll be working for sports section at The Observer, The Guardian's Sunday paper.

Fate followed me over-the-seas, perhaps stowed away in baggage. Having tried to land an internship with a music or 'lifestyle' magazine (which originally intended something along the lines of FHM, but led many friends to pull up their eyebrows and laugh at the possible euphemisms ... yes), the internship coordinators offered me the spot at the Observer. Apparently I'll get clips at a 400,000+ circulation paper, so long as I have a 'working knowledge of football (soccer...gah), cricket, rugby and tennis.

I anticipate meeting the Williams sisters. Or at least a man who looks like the Williams sisters. This makes me very happy.


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