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Tower of Londoooon (oooooh)

In the post the other day, when I said that the crows can't leave the Tower, I meant ravens. And when I said "wings clipped," I meant "wings clipped and put in cages at night."

Today had very little that paired with the excitement of the past few days, with perhaps the greatest scintillation arising when I found microwaveable Chicken Tikka Masala for 1.29 (I can't find the British Pound sign on the keyboard; if anyone is privy to this secret, please spare not a second in sharing it!). This purchase, as part of the body detox mission -- an attempt to roll back the waves of assault that fried food and beers thick as war heroes have perpetrated unto my body -- could leave one or two lasting effects:

1 - If great, it costs around 1/10 of other Indian food around London and the world and could potentially destroy the Indian food culture. Go, Pakistan.

2 - If bad, I promise that my stomach will entertain you over the next few days.

But anyway, here are some more of the pictures from the panoramic tour. Today's set features the Tower of London, which is pinpoint what a castle should look like. Except for the torture devices, which were sorely lacking...or still in use.

Above: A pointed arch in the Tower, inspired, of course, by those who originated the pointed arch (Romans?). Below: A view from in front of the Tower, standing right off the Thames River (not quite as clean as the Charles).


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