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Perhaps the largest and most primal component of adventure and exploration is ingestion. When we're young, we put everything that our hands can manipulate into our mouths -- pens, video game cartridges, bottles and the other source of liquid nutrition. It's all in the great and lofty pursuit of learning -- the drive behind adventure, as far as I can tell. But we never really lose the urge. All of our adventures in high school usually ended up in some sort of diner or other place that allowed us to eat something fried or drink something that was the next of kin from the coffee bean. This week, I'll try to undertake a diet that aspires to achieve a multitude of goals:
  1. Intelligent eating, so as to be in better shape by the time I go to Rome this weekend and Barcelona in two
  2. Creative eating, so as to prove that London food isn't all mush and mayonnaise.
  3. Exploratory eating, so as to promote the sense of adventure around various parts of the city, which will be catalogued in digitized pictures
  4. Economic eating. Expect a few visits to baguette places that fill their delicious and elongated bread with chopped meats and mush and mayonnaise -- before I go to the real delicious eateries at night. But I'll stay away from retelling the rather droll stories of baguette and arid chicken.


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