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British Journalism is not so much so good

Today we learned the following things in journalism class:

The British media (and its readership) doesn't hold attribution of sources in as high regard, as say, topless women on Page 3 of The Daily Sun. (Every single day) In fact, high political stories don't need facts attributed to sources at all. Brilliant.

A militant father's group (Fathers 4 Justice...also very nominally clever) hatched a scheme to kidnap the Prime Minister's son, but was foiled by the New Scotland Yard. The group, having already dressed three of its members as Batman, Robin and something like Captain America and sending them scaling the walls of Buckingham Palace and also having thrown condoms filled with purple chalk at Tony Blair during Parliamentary Questions, will soon be disbanded.

The coach of the British national soccer team told some random sheikh who bought him an expensive dinner that he'd be willing to leave the team after the season for the right money. As it turns out, the sheikh was actually an undercover reporter.

An undercover reporter.

And the paper for which he works sells 3.2 million copies every day. That paper is the same one with the Page 3 girl.



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