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Weekend Facts!

-- On the Tower of London (where all those nasty and exciting torture devices brought justice to traitors), it's said that if the crows that perch there ever leave, it'll be the end of the monarchy. To avert such a paradigm shift, many of the crows have had their wings clipped.

-- Notting Hill isn't so much an all-white district that allows itself to be governed by Hugh Grant; rather, it's quite a ruddy and ethnic district.

-- The most televised sport in London so far has not been football (soccer). It has been darts. And both men enter the tiny circle to the Rocky Theme.

-- The British hate the French much more than Americans ever could.

-- One of the contestants on the latest Big Brother (with Dennis Rodman!) is a Member of Parliament (MP). But because his celebrity makes other MPs wildly jealous, they are clamoring for him to return.

On for a run through Hyde Park and to Harrod's!

These are pictures:

Joe, standing in front of King William III (the one who married Mary, and inspired the thusly named college in Virginia). This castle, Kensington Castle, was where all the flowers were laid when Princess Diana died.

The Indians suffer from a very great lack of fonts on their design computers. The Irish are very quick to lend theirs, though.


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