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Takeoffs and Landings

Song: Inner noise!

The BU London website is undecided between accusatory and apologetic tones, telling me at once to 'not think of the differences [which I'll soon talk about] in cultures as inferior or wrong, because that will ruin [my] trip,' but also that 'the English prefer to live in less modern residences; that is, if you take a shower, it could take perhaps a few hours to not only refill the water but to also heat it up!"

According to the site, the British also prefer to live without desks and are "quite comfortable" in the computer labs provided. And with blood pudding.

So the plane leaves Newark at 9:45 p.m. and will land in London about 5.5 (+5) hours from then, settling onto the landing strip and opening its doors to a land of colour and pubs that close with the frequency of planetary alignment!


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