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A British Note

Check this out, homelanders. £ - My worst enemy right now. But from now on, the posts will be far more precise. No more "GBP" or complaining.

And I'm preparing right now for Weekend-Barcelona, where the lights never dim, they don't even flicker, and each tone will paint my girl anew. As a warm-blooded American, I'm not sure how much could make things better. I guess Taco Bell would.

But the British update:
Until very recently, football (soccer) wasn't really a national sport...as in, played by people of all classes. The upper-middle class tended to avoid it because of a great deal of football hooliganism greatly favored by Liverpudlians -- called "Scowsers," according to a guy we met on our Rome Wine Waltz. Hooliganism was a reaction that erupted against big unemployment in the 1980s and caused Britain to be banned from international play for a while.

But now they're back, happy after hosting the Euro Cup in 1996, and look like they might win the World Cup this year, even though their coach, Sven Goran Eriksson, said he's gonna leave after the tourney. Oh boy drama!


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