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Hiatus because of the stressful internship

I'm beginning to feel a little run down by the city and the British, so I'm gonna try to get a little more sleep tonight. The post will come tomorrow to finish up the Rhein tour. It'll be worth it, promise. But for now, let this vast generalization of British culture SMASH INTO YOUR BRAINWAVES.

-The distance between a British person and well, everybody else, stems from the fact that the British lack one great cultural tenet imbedded in America. They don't possess that speeding and headlong, endless and brilliant pursuit of JOY. The sense that something greater is always out there, just one stretch of the arm away as long as we keep running forward as fast as we can. Darcey said maybe it's because these people are the ones who stayed in England when others went to America. My professor said it was because America is a land of vast cities, of tumbling forests and deserts, of mountains that scratch heaven and deserts hot as hell.

-PS - Had to call Manchester United today to talk to Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand. Almost peed into my jeans. But nobody picked up.


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