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Deutschland, ja? Ja!

Sailors of the high seas of the modern world,

We're going to have to say our goodbyes for a little bit, but just a little bit, mind you. Eight days, while I run around Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium with Nils (character profile: old roommate, great buddy whose barrel-chested approach to appearance is matched only by the wonder for life that resides within that barrel-chest).

If you're playing at home, we're gonna start in Munich, sweep through the Black Forest, flow along the Rhine into Koln and Dusseldorf, traipse into Amsterdam and rent bikes (maybe with streamers) and settle into Brussels and Poperinge, Belgium to finish up. Figure 2-3 days before we're chased out of each city for being gypsies.

So when I come back, there will be ample Wurst und Bier und lustige Dinge! Ich liebe sich!


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