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The Adventure Begins (in writing)

I'm back.
Along the way I picked up a great deal of things, not the least of which was a strengthened profound love of Germany, nor was it the cuts and dents on my face (more on that later), nor was it the 6-pack of Westvleteren 12* that traveled with me from the innards of Belgium to London, nor was it the scattering of kitsch that bloated and inflamed the seams of my backpack.

It may have been one of the finest weeks of my life, at least the most geographically productive. From Munich Nils and I moved to the Rheinland-Pfalz region, riding on a train that slithered along the Rhein and paused for us to get off at all the tiny towns, up through Germany and into Amsterdam, cutting our tracks back West and into the Flanders region of Belgium, back to Brussels and into London.

And here is the story of how it went:


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