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Dear shortchanged readers,

I'm back, but only for a few sentences, to explain and beg your forgiveness for my absence. The past couple weeks have been marred by the finishing touches (and beginning touches) of our internsh portfolio, a 40+ page volume which BU makes us write to prove we gained invaluable academic experience in our time in Britain.

I mostly just solidified an intimate relationship with Google. The internship's been mainly awake sleeping, just sitting in frontof a computer until one of my editors asks me to research something. It's truly ajournalistic joy.

But also: my computer screen has, appropriately, died. It was about time, knowing my healthy history with laptops. So I'm writing this from work, where there are no pictures to post...but I'll try to load up some of them soon, too.

--Trip to Wales that involved jumping off of cliffs into heavily-safeguarded water and almost seeing sheep jump off one into the lurching sea.
--Tay visit
--Irish festival
--Other pictures filled with colours.

I miss all of you quite much and am currently dragging myself through these final two-three weeks. Gooodbyyyeee